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Art of giving head
I have read some articles on the web about the techniques and ideas about how to give a Great Blow job,Their were many erotica stories many jokes about Blow jobs but really no real instructions on how to give one. I found one book about it, but it was so mundane and looked to be written by a woman who had hardly any experience. I think I have some experience so I would like to share my technique with you and your woman.

As in my article on eating kitty, I skipped over the foreplay of this technique because that wasn't the topic I was writing on, It was specifically eating kitty, so I will do the same thing here. And just get down to the specifics of giving a blow job.

If the moment of a penis entering a vagina is the sweetest sexual experience for a man,I think the moment when a woman goes down on him cannot be too far behind. There seem to be some things that a penis likes more than just about anything else - and they involve warmth, softness, wetness, and manipulation. A mouth, complete with tongue, saliva and a partner willing to please , is therefore I think a bit like heaven on earth for a mans penis.

I always elaborate on cleanliness, and will once again , Please always take a shower for us ladies, and wash thoroughly in hot water and scrub everything you have down there, including your ass, and balls, and pubic hair, don't miss a spot, and rinse well Please. . ( Thank you )If you want take a nice hot bath/shower with your woman and let her wash you with hot soapy water its soothing and also preparing you for a great time and wonderful blow job .

I would also suggest not spraying any cologne down in your crotch area, some women tend to be allergic to it. So please hold back on doing so. Unless she tells you different of course.

Now, for the woman, make sure you are in the" Zone" , when you give a blowjob, that means have plenty of stimulation from him beforehand or stimulate yourself while he watches, make sure you are hot and ready when giving a blow job, that way you will enjoy giving it as much as he will receiving it. Timing is very important when you give the blowjob, warm up immensely then proceed.

Get him to lay on his back, naked, arms to side, legs down on the bed. I have heard just recently a woman made a man hold some lite candles in each of his hands so he would not move. This is his time to enjoy and your time to meet his needs too relax and thoroughly absorb the whole experience. Tie your hair back so he is able to see you in action and put his head on a pillow so he is comfortable while watching.

Get acquainted with his body, touch lightly all over him, and lightly touch his balls by swiftly brushing your fingers across his balls and cock .Move your hair all over his cock and balls.Breathe on him. He may be Circumcised or Uncircumcised just pull back the foreskin if he is uncircumcised

Spread his legs slightly and lick his balls at the bottom of the scrotum and move your toungue up to the top of it. Make small circles with your toungue and flick your toungue so gently over his balls. Don't use your hands, if you can. Rub his thighs ever so lightly almost tickling him.

Move your mouth over the head of his cock and lick it. Put his entire cock in your mouth and just hold it there teasing him. Tickle his cock with your toungue and put some suction on his cock , just a little not a lot. Cover your teeth with your lips and always keep thinking about that. Like if you were to put on lipstick and how you cover your teeth, (practice this even when not giving a blow job.) I have muscles in my cheeks and lips now, building those muscles really works wonders.

Go from licking his balls to licking his cock several times, watch his body movements, moaning and sometimes men will hold your hand and give you the "rhythm meter" I call it when he grabs your hand he wants up, and again he wants down, he will tell you by the hand motions.

Some men may be very sensitive on the head, I always do the "Head Test" to find out what his sensitivity is. If he flinches when I lick the head of his cock , take note he is sensitive, if he moans and bucks up, my guess he isn't .

Lick his thighs left and right, rub his legs as you suck him , go slow keep your rythmn. Twist his nipples while you suck him some men like that.Ask him if he does or does not always communicate with him while enjoying eachother.

Breathe through your nose and when you move up on his cock get more air, sometimes that makes it easier to go deeper on his cock.

Ok now use your hand, use ky or else "Natural ky" other known as spit all over his cock and soak it all over the girth and lenghth of him. Now take your hand and slip it all over his cock as you still suck him. While tickling his balls, ( if he likes that) just watch his body movements and read very closely.

About Ass play/Prostate massage-If he likes ass play, now is the time, when he is extremely excited , play with his ass slowly and slip a latex glove on if you use then that is, dip the finger in KY or lube of your choice ( another thread) and stimulate his rear entry , by making circular motions and dipping in a tiny amount of your finger. Again he will let you know , or just ask him that's what I do " is that ok?" he will answer and tell you. Now with your finger in his ass, bob on his cock faster and move your finger/fingers in and out of his ass, if he wants a dildo in his ass ( a lot of men do you know) it really excites him about now. So slip in the dildo  and more lube, and again start to suck away. If he isn't into ass play just skip over this .

Make swirling tongue motions all the way down his cock and now is the time he is deep in the " Zone" and his blood in engorged to his full erectness of his penis. Start going faster and moaning on his cock, don't break your rhythm!

Pre cum may be really apparent now ,Cowpers Glands produce Pre cum and pre cum prepares the urethra for semen. It neutralizes any traces of urine, so that the sperm are comfortable on their way to the vagina, or wherever they are destined for. The other thing it does is to lubricate the movement of the foreskin over the glans. If he has a foreskin that is.

Some men cum hard and some dribble cum there are exercises for men to help shoot hard and strong, Man can Tone up your pubococcygeus muscle this is the key to powerful, pleasurable, forceful orgasms and ejaculation. Men who have always just dribbled at the moment of orgasm find they shoot semen out in a stronger way like never before!.....and the orgasm will actually feel better! You can tone up the muscle by imitating the Kegel exercises which are prescribed for women with weak bladder control (it is in fact the same muscle in men and women, and the women who practice the exercise also experience more powerful orgasms). These exercises can be done anywhere, anytime, although they are more pleasurable when you have an erection, since they increase the volume of blood in the penis and the pressure on the sensitive areas of the head of the penis. You learn how to contract the muscle by stopping the flow of urine in mid-stream: this will show you what it feels like when the muscle is contracted. After a while you will, not surprisingly, find that you can hold the contraction for longer, do more of them, and that they are more powerful. This is a great technique for improving the quality of your orgasm!

Many men may Vary in their ability to cum, be prepared if you are doing facials or maybe doing a bbbj. He may shoot you in the eye and it may actually hurt some can be so powerful!!

Keep Sucking him with a suction and no toungue ( he is too sensitive now) he will start to jerk and moan louder and go even faster when he tells you " Im Cumming!!!"or starts to moan and jerk his body almost covulses ,whatever you do don't stop! Keep your motion but lesson the suction a tiny bit because of his sensitivity. Keep the rythmn once again and he will cum, some women don't like to have a cock in there mouths when he is Cumming some do, some like facials so do whatever suits your liking. Just don't keep touching it after he cums he is VERY sensitive now!

Kiss him and tell him what a outrageous experience it was for you and thank me later ;)
3 years ago
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***DATY can make or break ya ;) 4 males & the females ****


Have you ever wondered what a woman would tell you honestly what she wanted while you were going down on her? Well, I have decided to be that woman, except, I don't get the pleasure of you down on me, but you get to read what I would say if you were doing so...

First things first, when you want to go down on a woman you want her to be clean, so take a nice warm bath together or shower .Smoothly place the soap over her to clean her and turn her on all at the same time. Stimulate her while washing her, by gently touching her thighs and ass. Kiss her neck and lightly pull her hair, to let her know you are wanting her.

Dry her off, from back to behind and feet to neck, stopping at the most sensitive important places, her erogenous zones. Pat her dry, lightly, and rub some lotion onto her damp skin. She will smell wonderfully and be ready for you to devour.

Lay her on the bed, separate her legs so gently and prop her knees up slightly. Tell her you want to please her tonight, and it's all about pleasing her. That's what makes you happy.
3 years ago

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